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Welcome to the Pieper-Marsh

American Legion Post 194 Website

Located at 604 Main St.

Mail: P.O.Box 341, Cameron Wi. 54822

We meet on the First Tuesday of each Month at 7:30 PM


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We sponsor a Boy Scout Troop 52.

and some pictures here;  Boy Scouts

Here is the latest New Eagle Project

at the High School.

We also sponsor a Gem and Mineral Club.


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Here are the Eligibility Dates

for Membership in the Legion


Here is a link to a

Good Annuity and Pension Site

For Retired or Disabled Veterans.


Here is the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs."


Here is a link if you need a copy of

DD214 Papers.




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Here is a compilation of good sites for

information on Mesothelioma.

If you need some information or assistance concerning

learning about the causes and/or treatment for Mesothelioma,

check out these websites:

To see the Asbestos Group ClickHere!

or to go to The Mesothelioma Group,

There is also another great site to consider your legal options;

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center can be of great help to answer your questions.

Click Mesothelioma Fund for even more info from Mesothelioma Fund!

Click Mesothelioma Help Site to acces the Mesothelioma Help Organization.

And then we have another site, Mesothelioma.Net, that can offer information

on the Latest Mesothelioma Treatments, Resources, and the Asbestos Trust Fund.

Here's a new site for "What to expect from your Lawyer"!

Click here for the Mesothelioma Veterans Center to visit a good Veterans site

Check this site also for some more good info! MesotheliomaSurvival.org



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