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American Legion Barron County



County Commander; Gerald Townsend.

We have a total of 567 paid members in Barron County.

District Commander; Rita Rindahl.

We are part of the 10th District.

Barron, Buffalo-Pepin, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire,

Pierce, Trempealeau, St Croix Countys

Here is a Full 10th District Page


County Flag

Welcome to the American Legion

County Flag

Barron County Wi. Web Page.

Check out our new Legion Flag!


Barron County Picnic History

We are the home of the largest

All Veterans Picnic in Wisconsin.

We had our 11th All Veterans County Picnic,

It was held on Sep 9, 2012 at Anderson Park in Barron Wisconsin.

We had our 12th All Veterans County Picnic

This picnic was at Southworth Park Sep 8, 2013 in Chetek Wisconsin.

Here we have a few pictures from our 13th All Veterans County Picnic

The 2014 Picnic was at the Pioneer Village Museum outside of Cameron.

We had our 14th All Veterans County Picnic.

The location was Moon Lake Park in Rice Lake on Aug 30, 2015.

The 15th Annual All Veterans Picnic was at Pioneer Village Museum

It will remain here for every year to come. All Veterans are invited.

The date was September 18th, 2016.

The 16th Annual All Veterans Picnic was at Pioneer Village Museum

This year in place of the Brats we had Grilled Chicken. Yum Yum!

The date was September 17th, 2017.

The 17th Annual All Veterans Picnic was at Pioneer Village Museum

Date was Sept 16th, 2018.

The 18th Annual All Veterans Picnic was again at Pioneer Village Museum

Date was Sept 15th, 2019.


County Commander Cal Briggs and 10th District Auxiliary President Aimee Korger.

The 19th Annual All Veterans Picnic was to be at Pioneer Village Museum.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have cancelled this years picnic.

We hope to resume in 2021.

The 20th picnic was Sept 19, 2021.

Again we hosted it at Pioneer Village Museum.

We had over 125 people to serve and to visit with.

The 21st Picnic was Sept 18, 2022 at Pioneer Village.

Go HERE to see the pictures we took.

The 22nd Picnic was again hosted at Pioneer Village Sept 17th.

We had over 150 people attend our picnic.

The 23nd Picnic was again hosted at Pioneer Village Sept 15th.

We had over 125 people attend our picnic.


*Other County Activities!

*Rice Lake continues with their monthly activities.

Thay have Burgers, Wings and Shrimp on the 4th Wed every month.

And their Breakfast Buffet on the 1st Sunday of every month. HUNGRY?.

*We now have an All Barron County Color Guard. Check out our Photos!

Here are some pictures of the Haugen Fun Days Color Guard in the Parade.

*Again this year 2023, we will be doing an Opening Ceremony

at the Hungry Hollow Gathering north of Barron on HWY 25

on June 25th, 2023 at 9:00 am.


Barron County American Legion

County Council Officers 2024-2025

Printable List.

Meeting Night; 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7:00

No meetings in November, December, January or February.

Here is a schedule of County Meetings

County Cmdr; Gerald Townsend

1st Vice; OPEN

Adjutant; Jerry Townsend

Chaplain; Robert Mancl

Service Officer; Lee Metheny

Sgt at Arms; Tom Burgmeier

Color Guard Capt; Brenda Tryba

SAL CMDR, Cumberland; Joe Goldsmith

EMail; gatownsend76@hotmail.com

Website; www.cameronamericanlegion.org/countypage


Post Officers of Barron County.

Year; 2024-2025

Barron Post 212 Officers

Meeting Night;  2nd Thursday 6:30

Commander; Greg Roth

1st Vice; Travis Brown

2nd Vice; Roger Bender

Adjutant; David Martinson

Finance Officer; Gerry Juve

Chaplain; Sever Olson

Service Officer; Mike Otto

Sgt at Arms; Jim Helman

Historian; Chuck Nelson

EMail; martinsondave@hotmail.com





Cameron Post 194 Officers

Meeting Night;  1st Tuesday 7:30

Commander; Cal Briggs

Adjutant ; Cal Briggs

1st Vice; Dwayne Dummer

Chaplain; OPEN

Service Officer; Mark Hom

Sgt at Arms; Laroy Lucken

EMail; rolbri@chibardun.net

Website; www.cameronamericanlegion.org

Mail to P.O. Box 341 Cameron WI 54822



Chetek Post 179 Officers

Meeting Night;  1st Tuesday 7:00

Commander; August Bleske

1st Vice; Tom Burgmeier

2nd Vice August Besler

Adjutant; Dawn Anderson

Finance Officer; Bob Anderson

Chaplain; Russ Knutson

Sgt at Arms; Dave Lund

Sgt at Arms; Gene Schoenfuss EMail; andersontr@citizens-tel.net



Cumberland Post 98 Officers

Meeting Night;  2nd Tuesday 7:00

Commander; Dennis Free

1st Vice; Jerry Townsend

2nd Vice; Terry Manke

Adjutant; Barry Kuenkel

Finance Officer; Cliff Beyer

Service Officer; Don Jacobson

Chaplan; Allen Jones

Historian; Mike Nowlan

Sgt at Arms; John Miller

Sgt at Arms; Ed Schoonveld

EMail; wipost98@hotmail.com

Website; cumberlandlegionpost98.org

SAL Commander; Joe Goldsmith


Haugen Post 540 Officers

Meeting Night;  2nd Wednesday 7:00

Commander; Ken Nelson

1st Vice; Al Schieffer

Chaplain; Bruce Degidio

Adjutant; Tim Marshall

Finance; Fred DeBois

Sgt at Arms; James Czajkowski

EMail; legionpost540@gmail.com

EMail: tmarshall@push.us


Mail to; P.O. Box 5 Haugen WI 54841


Prairie Farm Post 259 Officers

Meeting Night;  4th Monday 7:30

Commander; Ron Crosby

1st Vice; Perry Kallenbach

Adjutant; George Allen

Finance; Don Singerhouse

Sgt at Arms; Joe Bosl

Historian; Ron Crosby

Service Officer; Ron Crosby




Rice Lake Post 87 Officers

Meeting Night;  2nd Tuesday 7:00

Commander; Jim Greger

1st Vice; Russ Rindsig

2nd Vice; Gilbert White

Finance Officer; Russ Rindsig

Adjutant; Monte Lewis

Service Officer; Mel Bjugstad

Sgt at Arms; Robert Mancl

Chaplain; Open

EMail; vets@ricelakeamericanlegionpost87.org




Turtle Lake Post 137 Officers

Meeting Night;  2nd Tuesday 7:00

Commander; Erwin Broker

1st Vice; Patrick Merth

Adjutant; Dale Hove

Finance; James Peterson

Chaplain; Dale Hove

Sgt at Arms; Carl Klineschmidt

EMail; southhorse62@hotmail.com




Barron County American Legion Auxiliary Units

New County President : Jean Erlwine.

1080 3rd Ave. Cumberland WI. 54868

Home: 715-671-0078

Cell: 715-419-3879

EMail: jean.erlewine@gmail.com



Barron Unit 212

President - Temp Mary Townsend

1887 21st Ave, Rice Lake 54868




Cameron Unit 194

President - Crystal Hammerel

517 Spruce Ave, Cameron 54822-9578

715-458-4056 Crystal@chibardun.net



Chetek Unit 179

President - LouAnn Novak

902 Knapp St, Chetek 54728-4108

715-764-1033 Grandmalou1947@gmail.com



Cumberland Unit 98

President- Sue Jacobson

455 20th Ave, Comstock Wi 54826




Haugen Unit 540

President- Yvonne Hill

2943 US Hwy 53, Rice Lake 54868-9370

715-234-8877 yhill45@yahoo.com



Prairie Farm Unit 259

President- Vicki Lindermer

99 81/4 Street, Prairie Farm 54762

715-455-1162 vblindermer@hotmail.com



Rice Lake Unit 87

President- Cynthia Saylor

14 E. Grove Ave. Barron 54812-1151

715-637-4194 gcsaylor@chibardun.net



Turtle Lake Unit 137

President - Betty Dueholm





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